Memorial of Jan Gajdoš 2014

Memorial of Jan Gajdoš 2014

On Saturday, November 15, 2014 was another year of the traditional race "Memorial Jana Gajdoše". The race is designed for gymnasts  girls 12-year-old (and younger) and 15 years (and younger) gymnast boys. Congratulations for all competitors!


teams - girls

individuals - girls

teams - boys

individuals - boys

On Sunday, the race went finale pairs. The top 12 girls from Saturday's final make pairs with 12 best boys.

Each of the pair compete on tw apparatus and mark for them was counted. Top 8 pairs advanced to the semifinals where they went 3rd (other) apparatus. Again, everything is planned from scratch. The sum marks for pairs shifted best 4 pairs to the finals. There you can repeat your best apparatus.

pair final results